placeholder.jpgAfter exploring a number of e-Rooms, you will be asked to choose a favorite and present that e-Room to your PLN. Once each member has shared an e-Room with his/her PLN, the group will choose one e-Room as the group's favorite site.

Post your PLN #, the site name/URL, and a brief explanation of why this site was the group's favorite to this page.

PLN 1:
Group 1: Simon, Iosha, Kayla, Beth

Our FAVORITE e-room site is Mrs. McDavid's e-room

  • clean and organized
  • easily revamped every school year
  • homework link is a great place to communicate with parents
  • kid friendly
  • icons support text
  • easy to navigate
  • students can navigate it

PLN 2 Mr. Smithhissler Class:
  • We love the design and organization of the website. There is a wall wisher, links for families, shows student work, and what they are doing currently in the classroom. We liked how he includes popular kids videos.

PLN #3 Mrs. Sol's Class
  • This weebly website provides an aesthetically pleasing, fun, and easy to navigate page. It is clean, provides good information & links applicable to current use, displays good documentation.

PLN #4:
  • Mr. Smithhisler’s website is our favorite. It is easy to use and has good information. It has cool widgets. It is asthetically pleasing, organized, and has easily accessible supplemental information. We liked the way the menus worked. The font was clear and easy for young students to read.

PLN#5 Mrs Sol

  • We think that her site looks amazing!! It is easy to use and she provides several resources for students, families and other visitors to her site.

PLN #6:

Mrs. Sol's Class and Ms. Boarman's Awesome 5th Grade Class: The simplicity of Ms. Boarman’s makes that site friendlier for non-tech-savvy parents, but we feel like it could use some “jazz” or “tap.” Ms. Boarman’s also seems easier to navigate. However, we like the colorful, playful look of Mrs. Sol’s.

PLN 7:
  • This website (listed under other interface) had a ton of information but organized in a very thoughtful and manageable way. The main page has an up-to-date blog feel with the News & Notes section. Then along the left side of the screen the tabs offer more than enough information which allowed us to get a good feel for how the class is run and what the students are up to. There are many interactive tools for the students to use at home as well. Finally, there is also an additional section of Teacher Links and information about how he developed the site (which has taken over ten years!) and a link to his own blog which continues with discussions about the profession. Overall, there is a lot of information but it is easily accessible and fun to explore!

PLN 8's Favorite:
  • Mrs. Sol's Class This Weebly website has a lot of resources for current and new teachers. The website is both visually appealing and accessible. She encourages student interaction and includes a lot of hands-on activities. Mrs. Sol's frequently asked question page features questions from her students. We loved Mrs. Sol's Voki, and you can clearly tell that she is passionate about technology and uses it effectively in her classroom.

PLN #9 Likes Mrs. Sol's Class Website
  • We believe that websites are the best way to organize classroom information and the best way to control information being posted. We like the creative cartoons that Mrs. Sol uses to link students to the classroom calendar, useful website, student work samples, and homework connection.

PLN #10/ Mrs. Sol's Class:
  • Not only is Mrs. Sol's website very visually stimulating, it is thorough, bright, interactive, easy to navigate, and she provides numerous resources for her students, parents, and visitors. This may bew in large part because she is working from a virtual academy; however, it seems very doable for a classroom teacher, and it's really inspiring and motivating! PS. She has a link to an awesome blog!