Using PrimaryPad, we attempted to write a chain story about social networking in education. "Attempted" because not everyone had a chance to add their ideas...if you still want to add to the story, please do so on this page!

Here are some ways to use PrimaryPad in education: Creative writing project via chain story; Collaborative writing, editing, revising; Turn in assignment using it, teacher can “mark up” actual document for revisions; Analyze pad history – how did it change?; Telecollaboration – students from different classes can work together on documents; Share research findings; Update old texts (Shakespeare to modern times); Brainstorming; Event planning; Add your ideas here...

EDST 615 Chain Story 7/5/11

Once upon a time there was an elementary school teacher who wanted to use social networking in her classroom.
She posted wonderful social networking links for us to use in our future rooms.
Our interestes were peaked and we were ready to enter cyberspace! YAY!
Who knew where this would lead us!?
The students began exploring cell biology and molecular structures.
Then they created thier own animal. This animal was ferocious and scared some students.
It's teeth were razor sharp!
We got concerned about our welfare!
But it was no big deal so they continued to have so much fun!!
Next they did a unit on writing stories using a blog. The students really enjoyed sharing ideas for possible writing topics.
Then the students went to PANWAPA! Hurray! They loved meeting all of the characters there!
One of the students decided they wanted to interview one of the characters for their writing assignment.
But with so many great characters to choose from, how would they ever choose? Maybe a random draw generator would help...
The first name that was pulled was Super Grover, so we interviewed him first.
I wish I had a name that was half as cool as Super Grover.
After talking to Super Grover, we got to play games like hide and seek and watch movies from around the world in the movie library.
We drew different characters, scanned them on our scanner, and then uploaded the images on to the social network.
To be continued...