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Jennifer Bagley, Manager, there is no bio information, and the site is well organized.
The purpose of the site is to keep teachers, parents, and students aware of the current issues in the education system.
The site was created in 2011, the site is updated daily.
The contact information is located at the bottom, it is very easy to find. Everything is sourced.
The site is very informational and very easy to access. By Paige Moyer
This site is called HOTCHALK Teacher tools. You can register for free to get access to:
  • MyLibrary: more than 5,000 FREE content resources for your classroom
  • MyClasses: a free online learning management system
  • MyDesk: innovative articles and blogs written by experienced educators
  • MyLibrary Premium: premium digital content from National Geographic, Scholastic Weston Woods, VEA and more (requires subscription) Marcia Moore
This website has a compilation of free ed. tech ideas, including lesson plans, blogging, articles, tips and more.

Online Planning/ Assessment Tools
by Julia Loewinger

Grade Book

Gradebook software with different grading options, and has grades online. A great website for teachers and parents to keep in communication about grades.This is a crisp and clear website for teachers and administrators.

1.) Professional Development

  • It needs to be planned and intentional

  • Ongoing

  • Systematic process

3.) IPODS were handed out to one of our group members cooperating teachers. The teacher was not given any professional development and subsequently the IPODS were abused. They were not used for educational uses and instead students were taking pictures and videos of one another. The IPODS were not monitored by the teacher in part because she did not how to use them and how to manage them.

4.) Teachers need strategies of how to use technologies, and appropriate lessons that go with the materials. They need to have professorial development that is ongoing and not just a one-time thing. As a teacher you have to be willing and responsible in seeking out the development and go to the classes without being paid.

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Paige Moyer
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Paige Moyer
EDST 615

Student: Jack

Web 2.0 application/link: Digital Storyteller

  1. Digital Storyteller, the web-based application, includes a suite of tools that students use to create digital stories and a corresponding suite of teacher's tools used to create activities for students. Digital Storyteller is an application where students can creatively write a story and then add audio to narrate their story. They can also use pictures that are on this application to illustrate their stories. This application will also allow students to upload their own photos or works of art and use the audio function to tell about their art. The point of this application is to get students, of any grade level, actively creating and learning the art of writing stories. It is a very hands-on application that students will enjoy because the interaction with text and voice makes it exciting to write new things!

  1. The learning objective we used for this assignment is “SWBAT create a work of art and explain how the use of essential elements shaped an idea, mood, or feeling found in the work.”
Using this application for Jack would be helpful because he learns best with a hands-on activity that he feels he has some creative control over. This application would allow Jack to create a work of art involving something he loves and upload the art to Digital Storyteller. Jack would think about the feelings or moods he experiences through his art. Instead of a written explanation of these moods or feelings, Jack would use the Digital Storyteller to add audio to his artwork, explaining orally. This would be considered differentiation of process, but I also think it would be differentiation of product because not everyone in the class would create a digital explanation of their artwork. Some students might prefer writing rather than speaking, this application would allow differentiation in both areas.

Excellent ideas for the use of digital storyteller; all your post needs in a little more content to meet criteria (8-12 sentences per paragraph). ~Mrs. L.

Julia Loewinger

Fotobabble lets people upload different pictures onto the site. This could be a picture or a scanned document. Once your picture is uploaded you can add voice over to the photo. This allows the scanned document or picture to come to life with the voice of a real person. You can convey much more emotion because of the real voice. This makes images personal and when looking at different images you are more engaged because of the element of speech. Fotobabble could be used in business, school, home, and much more. It is an easy to use site that allows a personal touch and a lot of creativity.

I will use Fotobabble to differentiate instruction for Sherry in our art lesson. In our lesson students will be able to create a work of art and explain how the use of essential elements shaped and idea, mood, or feeling found in the work. For Sherry’s process we differentiated instruction for her by having her explain at least three different feelings. The piece of art that Sherry created will be scanned onto a computer. She can then upload her scanned piece of art to fotobabble. For her process she can add voice to her picture explaining three different feelings she had when creating her artwork. These feelings could be about how she felt when she was making the piece, what it reminds her of, and much more. The process of using fotobabble will allow Sherry to record her feelings and will give her a wonderful product to share with the class. This process will also encourage her creativity and convey her emotion in a unique way that can be saved forever and shared with others.

An excellent use of Fotobabble to differentiate instruction for Sherry! However, your screen shot is of the digital storyteller interface, not of Fotobabble. ~Mrs. L.

Marcia Moore
Student: Phillip
Web 2.0 link: Exploratorium website:
Objective: SWBAT create a work of art and explain how the use of essential elements shaped and idea, mood, or feeling found in the work.

1- Exploratorium is a broad interactive site that covers science, art and humanities. The site has many activities that can be differentiated based on ability, age or grade. There are links for educators, parents and visitors too. Hands on activities can be done virtually. Some can also be done in the classroom or in the student’s neighborhood. Exploratorium also has access to experts such as “artists-in-residence”. Art is features entwined with science and helps to create cross curricular projects. I really like how math is intertwined with so many other subjects on this website.
2- I chose the Exploratorium website for Phillip because he is an above level student. The huge volume of material available on this website would allow Phillip to explore any project to a greater depth. Since his reading level is high, he should be able to understand most of the material on the website. Phillip is hyperactive and likes to dance in the afternoon, so we would likely utilize this website earlier in the day. Availability of so many different activities should help to maintain his attention. Access to different works of art will help Phillip to discover his feelings. Phillip can also assist other students with this site by reading with a partner who is a struggling reader. By giving Phillip higher expectations when utilizing this website he is likely to produce more and have fewer behavior issues.


Nice ideas for the use of the site as a way to differentiate content (and probably all other aspects) for Philip. ~Mrs. L.

Project Based Learning: My Healthy Self Project

1.) We chose 'My Healthy Self Project' because it was the most relevant to student's lives. What they learned itn his project is something that they will carry with them for a long time.
2.) The higher level thinking skill it utilizes is how and why it is important to keep your healthy body. Students had to reflect their own learning, and got to learn form experts.
3.) Technology is not integrated in the lesson, but we think it is easy to add in. For example you could utilize wetoku to have experts talk to our class if they are not in the area.
4.) Some improvements could be they could create a group presentation to present to other classrooms. They could also write a letter to the company that supplies food to the school, to try and get healthier food in the cafeteria.

PLN 2: Twila, Julia, Paige, and Marcia

Venn Diagram by Paige and Marcia

EdTech Integration Mind Maps (6/23/11)

How can instruction be enhanced or improved through the use of technology?

Choose one of the 10 ideas presented in the "Getting Started" article and diagram an action plan/flow chart, detailing how to build upon the idea chosen by the group.


e-Room Investigations (6/23/11)

Mr. Smithhissler Class:
  • We love the design and organization of the website. There is a wall wisher, links for families, shows student work, and what they are doing currently in the classroom. We liked how he includes popular kids videos.

Teaching Digital Natives- Venn Diagram (6/27/11)
Julia and Twila


Objective: SWBAT create a work of art and explain how the use of essential elements shaped and idea, mood, or feeling found in the work.

Content- make sure directions are explicit, giver her responsibilities in class
Process- ask her to explain at least 3 different feelings, give example of final product
Product-ask her to share her final product with the class, reaffirm her abilities
Environment-encourage her imagination and give freedom with project

Content-give sentence starters of how to explain feelings
Process- can use a graphic organizer instead or writing complete sentences
Product-accept varying levels of completion based on ability
Environment-allow him to work with a partner

Content-allow to work ahead independently
Process- give option to show feelings with movements as well as words
Product-expect him to write more, ask him to share with the class
Environment-give him another assignment to do when he finishes to reduce behavior issues