Getting Started

  • Click on the edit button (found on each page) to put your own content on any of the wiki pages.
  • Format text using the buttons found at the top left of the page (when in edit mode).
  • Add links to pages within this wiki or to other sites on the web by clicking the Link button (when in edit mode).
  • Add images and other media by clicking the File button (when in edit mode).
  • Add interactive widgets using the Widget button (advanced).
  • Be sure to SAVE before exiting edit mode.
  • Beware of OVERWRITING each other's posts! Read on...

Collaborative Workspace Issues

  1. Editing Pages Simultaneously
    1. If two people edit the same page at the same time, we will keep track of both sets of changes. You will be notified if someone else is editing the page at the same time as you are. If there are no conflicts in the changes, both sets of edits will be seamlessly merged into the page. If the changes do conflict, the following will happen:
      1. When the first user saves his changes, the second user will receive a notification of this and will be able to view the changes.
      2. The second user can view the changes to remove the conflict if she chooses.
      3. If there is still a conflict when the second user saves the page, she will be notified that she is about to overwrite the first user's changes. She will have the option to continue or cancel.
    2. If either set of edits is incorrectly overwritten, you can find your work or revert to an earlier version of the page on the History tab.

Need Help?

  • Click on the help link above to learn more about how to use your wiki.

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