Let's build a list of ideas for how we could use ClustrMaps to teach Social Sciences (or other subjects).

ClustrMaps in the Classroom:

  • See who’s visiting, then…
    • Add content tailored to visitors' needs (different languages, music from a specific culture, etc.).
    • Students do a research report on visitors' locations.
    • Teach a geography lesson based on visitors' locations.
    • You could try to create penpals from every populated continent. After getting to know them, ask them to visit the site so we can pinpoint where they live. -Amy Neeld
    • Do a search on the internet about the city and location of the view. Jennifer Tyler
    • Track and learn about the people who are visiting the site, and then interact with them via a discussion board or social network site. -Kelsey Nelson
    • Find where those places are on Google Maps; do a virtual tour.
    • Remind students they are part of a global voice; demonstrate interconnectedness.
    • Motivation…students will be very excited when they see who’s visiting (also provides an opportunity to drive home the importance of spelling, accuracy, etc., with so many people viewing your information).
    • Discuss strategies: how can you increase readership (grow those dots).
    • Send out a tweet inviting people to your blog, then watch as the map lights up and pulses (it pulses when people are live on your site).
    • How will you use ClustrMaps? Add your ideas to the list!...