Create a list of ideas for how avatars could be used to support instructional activities.

Avatars in Education

  1. Deliver content to visitors (greetings, directions, announcements, reminders, etc.).
  2. Hide student identities (security/privacy concerns).
  3. Podcast alternative (for the camera-shy).
  4. Interact with your virtual self (create a lecture that is more of a conversation)
  5. Track behavior management (toss out the old R,Y,G chart)
  6. Tour guide.
  7. Term definitions.
  8. Incorporate into a slideshow or interactive whiteboard lesson.
  9. Spark creativity and interest.
  10. Identify with the “younger set” (i.e. "cool points").
  11. Create book trailers (avatar is a character from story; "hooks" the audience).
  12. Create an avatar and then write a story about it.
  13. Have students write instructions on how to create a character, then swap descriptions to see if they can recreate it following each others' directions.
  14. Recreate characters…based on readings, what do the characters look like?
  15. Put the avatars in famous places and points in history, then have student write about the place and or event from a first person point of view.
  16. Create extensions of students' personalities. Provide a window into students' self images; self-esteem considerations.
  17. Develop tech skills.
  18. Follow directions to create and maintain avatars.
  19. Ice-breaker: get-to-know-you activities.
  20. Identify/recognize personal features and attributes; give the avatar the same (or radically different) features.
  21. Help students with disabilities better communicate (example: speech therapy applications).
  22. Classroom mascot/cheerleader: applauds students' accomplishments, encourages students' effort.
  23. What can you add to the list?...